Behold, the mighty Beaver
in her natural habitat:

Beaver is the master builder of the animal kingdom.

She delights in the power of working and knows that building things of value require teamwork. Instinctively, she trusts the wisdom of group mind, knowing that she does not need to be good at everything in order to be successful.

Beaver knows what she is good at – gathering sticks, for example – and in turn, she honors and acknowledges other Beavers, who are great at digging mud.

Together, Beavers work to build their homes, using the strengths and talents of each group member to get the job done.

Beaver is mindful not to dam the flow of experience in his life.

He builds dams with many entrances and exits, to keep him flexible, responsive, and without limitation.

Beavers change the habitat around them.

Their strong teeth fell tall trees and they redirect the flow of the streams where they build their dams. Beavers have influence – on their ecosystem, on other creatures around them, and in the world at large. They are fierce protectors of their creations, which they have put their love and energy into, bigtime.

Together, Beavers create faster, go further, and build together.

You may already be a


If you’re reading this, you may already be one of us. If you:

  • Connector.

    Bristle at the advice that you ‘have to’ build your business one certain way

  • Connector.

    Are called to work in real collaboration with others

  • Connector.

    Want to build your business differently – in a way that FEELS GOOD and is deeply aligned with who you are

  • Connector.

    Know how to honor the talents and abilities of others (and delight in doing so)

  • Connector.

    Long to be belong to a group where ‘everybody knows your name’

  • Connector.

    Think that calling yourself a Beaver (or a Mr. Beaver) is funny

… then – good news! – you are a Beaver. And the really good news is, now is the time for Beavers to gather, and talk about the new way forward as we build our businesses together.


“What’s so different about being a Beaver…
and what’s this got to do with my dam business?!”

Listen, Beaver … there’s a reason why most of the business advice you’ve been given may not have sat right with you. Beavers build their businesses differently. Instead of looking for shortcuts, power over others, or tricks, Beavers care a whole lot – about the work we do, and about how we get that work out into the world. In a world that seems to put celebrity, automation, formulas, and transactions before good, old fashioned humanity, integrity, and relationships, Beavers are different.

The old way

The Beaver way

  • Hierarchical
  • Getting business requires a lot of technology (or a lot of emails)
  • Information flows one way – from ‘on high’ down to you
  • Marketing is a formula
  • ‘You have to do it this way’
  • Money is success
  • ‘You should do this’
  • You buy a program and talk to the associate coach
  • Financial irresponsibility
  • Manipulation as a sales and marketing strategy
  • Recordings and automation
  • Anonymous
  • Follow the money

  • Circular
  • Getting business requires a lot of being in relationship & conversations
  • Everyone pools their wisdom, in conversation
  • Marketing is being in relationship
  • ‘What would be fun for you?’
  • We make money but it’s not the most interesting thing
  • You join BBC and talk to Stella, Rebecca, and Sarah on the reg
  • ‘Does this idea feel good in your body?’
  • Financial maturity
  • Right relationship is your sales and marketing strategy
  • Show up or miss the party
  • Everybody knows your name and your work
  • Follow what’s yours to do

Beavers, unite!


If you’re a Beaver too, we invite you to join the Beaver Business Club – the first ever business club for Beavers building their businesses together.

You’ve probably seen solicitations to join someone’s tribe, movement, community, or group before. One of the things they all talk about is how they’re different. But the truth is, most aren’t different. They’re all using the same model – hierarchical, be-like-me, slick, highly produced, and heavy on the tech.

The Beaver Business Club actually is different. We are part of the new paradigm in business – and that’s why we actually need to call our business club something utterly silly, to signal to Beavers that we’re serious. (Hey, truth is paradox.)


Your Beaver Business Club
membership includes:

Lodge Night

The first Tuesday of every month, Beavers gather for Lodge Night. This is a live conversation hosted online, complete with a teaching about Beaver business building and an ‘Open Mic’ where you can ask questions about building your business. Like Eastern Star, the Masons, the PTA, or the mafia, this meeting is not recorded. Show up or miss the party.

Show Up And Work

Three times a month, the Beavers gather for coworking on videoconference for 90 minutes. Stop working alone and show up to get it done, together. Stella, Rebecca, and Sarah will each host a Show Up And Work every month.

Happy Hour

Three times every week, the doors to the Lodge open for an hour of online social time. Beavers know that business is social – and their next collaboration, client, or deal comes naturally through getting to know people in a genuine and casual way. Drop in, say hello, make a connection. You’ll see Stella, Rebecca, and Sarah pop in here for a chat, too.

The Club House

Between face-to-face gatherings online, the Beaver Club House channel on FACEBOOK is always open. Make connections. Ask questions. Keep the conversation going.

Beaver Business Club
Meeting Times

We’re looking for Beavers who want to show up – who want to be in ‘right relationship’ – and who want to be in conversation with other Beavers, as we build our businesses together.

(We realize that for Beavers on other continents, some meeting times are uncivilized. While we don’t make it a regular practice to record Lodge Night, if you knock three times and say the secret password, we can be sweet talked into sending it your way so you don’t miss out! And remember, there’s always something happening in the BBC that you likely CAN attend, so take a good look at the schedule below.)

  • Connector.

    Lodge Night

    First Tuesday – 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm EST

  • Connector.

    Show Up And Work

    First 3 Mondays – 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm EST

  • Connector.

    Happy Hour

    Wed & Fri – 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm EST

  • Connector.

    The Club House

    Open 24/7

  • Connector.

    Project Week 4

    We turn inward & work on our business


Are you a Beaver, too?

Join the Beaver Business Club and receive all the perks of membership above, the connections you’ll cultivate with the quality people you’ll meet in the Club, and the insights you’ll have as a result of the meaty conversations we are having each month, that shift the way you do business for the better.

WARNING; Beaver Business Club is for people who actually Show Up. When you join this Club, you make a commitment to yourself and to the group as a whole. We are committed to creating success for all Beavers through strong forged partnerships – Beavers know we can do it faster, go further, and be more efficient and effective when we work it together… but that requires actually being ‘there.’

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
This Club isn’t for everyone – but we invite you to try it out to see if it’s for YOU. If you join the Club and for any reason it’s not for you, you have 30 days from your date of purchase to request a refund and get your money back in full. That’s full beaver satisfaction – guaranteed.

We’ve got your back — for a FULL year
Beavers are fierce protectors of their creations, which they have put their love and energy into, big time. To protect the quality of collaboration and conversation in the Club, we insist on a 12-month commitment when you join. After your first year, your membership renews month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.

Want to join us? Great!

The first 100 Charter Members get the best rate.
Choose your payment option:

Monthly payment


Steady as she builds

Select this option if you prefer monthly payments


Annual payment


The full beaver

Like to pay for things up front? This is for you.


Want to talk to a real human before you’re a whole body yes?

Click here to set up a time to talk with one of the Beavers about joining the Beaver Business Club.

Please note: this is a ‘meet & greet’ conversation, not a high-pressure sales call (where we strong arm you into giving us your credit card number before we let you get off the phone). Beavers do sales and selling differently, too — you invite us to join you on your business building adventure. Not the other way around.

Got Questions?

We envision Lodge Night being a bit like the old civic, social, and even secret clubs many of our grandparents were a part of – where the regular monthly group meeting was AN EVENT. Even though it’s online, this is the feeling of Lodge Night – something you put in your calendar and Show Up for.

At Lodge Night, Beavers will assemble for a discussion lead by Stella, Rebecca, and Sarah, on a Beaver topic ‘du jour’ – a provocative and practical presentation that will help you get clear about your way forward in business.

After the presentation, you’ll get access to the three of us at the Open Mic (also a part of Lodge Night), where you can ask questions that the three of us will answer in collaboration, and that other Beavers can chime in on, too.

We have no idea. But here’s what’s worked for other Beavers who have gone before you: notice how this whole idea feels. Then ask yourself: what would be fun for me? What’s the value for me here? If I joined, how would I get my money’s worth?

And then, because Beavers are committed to practicing financial maturity, crunch the numbers and see if you can afford it.

(Beavers tell us they just ‘resonate’ with what we are saying. That’s how they know it’s for them.)

As you can imagine, saying that your work is about ‘beavers’ draws a certain type of person. Fun. Funny. Full of life. Passionate about their work. Dedicated to doing Good Work in the world. Compassionate. Smart as whips. Interesting and interested.

Our group has business owners who have been in business for 20 years. It has people who just got started in earnest growing their business last year, too. And lots of folks in between.

Beavers recognize that everyone brings strengths and talents to the table. They know that having a range of experiences, backgrounds, histories, and beliefs enriches the conversation for everyone.

That’s okay. We realize that many people have had disappointing experiences in other groups. Take your time, do what you need to do to process and move through that, and if your curiosity ever becomes bigger than your skepticism, we’ll be here when you’re a whole body YES.

Who’s behind this?

Stella Orange

Stella Orange

Rebecca Liston

Rebecca Liston

Sarah Dew

Sarah Dew


Orange, Liston, & Dew is a collaboration between three Beavers who’d grown tired of the old way of business building, which struck them as unoriginal, formulaic, and the opposite of fun.

So they decided to do it differently. As a copywriter, business intuitive, and a no-nonsense strategist, the trio works with clients who want to build a different kind of business – rooted in what’s fun for the business owner, and what’s highest and best for her clients. They host BeaverCon in person and Beaver Lodges online, gathering business owners around the world who know that we can go farther and build faster when we do it together.