Orange, Liston, & Dew present:

The New Way of Marketing and Building Your Business

Listen, we need to talk. There’s a reason why a lot of the business advice you’ve been given may not have felt good to you: it tried to make you into something you’re not. You’re here to help people make their lives better – not write an ‘email sales funnel.’ You’re here to connect people to a better way of being a parent… being in relationships… handling money… leading in a new way… handling big emotions… turning hurts into strength and resilience – not ‘convert’ them (or even ‘build an empire’). This is what this conversation is all about! Join Stella, Rebecca and Sarah for a groundbreaking chat about a different way to spread the word about your good work and build your business. Can we get a HALLELUJAH?!
Monday, November 6th
3pm – 4pm Eastern

Yep, feel free to bring your people:

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What’s this conversation about?

  • Connector.

    The New Marketing

    Using words and language that connect with your prospective clients’ power and competence (not their pain or struggle)

  • Connector.

    Starting with different questions

    Blessing and releasing what a past authority said you ‘should’ do to build your business – and instead, deciding to let questions like ‘What would be fun for me?’ and ‘What makes me feel alive?’ be your new and trusty guides

  • Connector.

    Financial Maturity

    Where, for example, you do not convince people to ‘put it on a card’ or use high-pressure tactics to close the sale – instead, you actually let them decide what they can and cannot afford (and trust that choosing to not manipulate people will not cause you and your family to starve – quite the opposite!)


Orange, Liston, and WHO?!

Orange, Liston, & Dew is a collaboration between three women who’d grown tired of the old way of business building, which struck them as unoriginal, formulaic, and the opposite of fun.
So we decided to do it differently. As a copywriter, business intuitive, and a no-nonsense strategist, Stella, Rebecca, and Sarah work with clients who want to build a different kind of business – rooted in what’s fun for the business owner, and what’s highest and best for her clients. We are part of the new paradigm in business – that’s why we need to call what we’re doing something utterly silly, to signal to people like you that we’re serious. (Hey, truth is paradox.) We are the founders of the Beaver Business Club and host BeaverCon, a live in-person gathering of like-minded professionals who know that we can go farther and build faster when we do it together.